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How to Design a Buyer Centric Funnel

Last night when I came back from my workplace, randomly I had a thought about dinner, but I was really tired. This was a very common problem faced by every worker every day. But there are always probable and possible solutions to every problem. I found a solution on my phone as we all have apps like Zomato, Swiggy , etc. These applications are very convenient to use and user-friendly, so I ordered my food and had a great dinner. There are a lot of other important things to have permanent customers, for example, proper advertising, awareness, beliefs, etc. How to design the best funnel for your customers? Image source: Step 1: The first thing is to drive traffic to a website and make awareness among people, then we have to make a loyal connection with customers. The connection includes two things i.e. buying process and their questions and concerns. We can make connections by making procedures more easy and more compatible by adding online use, free trials for paid so