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How to Design a Buyer Centric Funnel

Last night when I came back from my workplace, randomly I had a thought about dinner, but I was really tired. This was a very common problem faced by every worker every day. But there are always probable and possible solutions to every problem. I found a solution on my phone as we all have apps like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. These applications are very convenient to use and user-friendly, so I ordered my food and had a great dinner. There are a lot of other important things to have permanent customers, for example, proper advertising, awareness, beliefs, etc.

How to design the best funnel for your customers?

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Step 1:

The first thing is to drive traffic to a website and make awareness among people, then we have to make a loyal connection with customers. The connection includes two things i.e. buying process and their questions and concerns. We can make connections by making procedures more easy and more compatible by adding online use, free trials for paid software, etc. Once customers get used to it, they will be considered as entered in the funnel.

Step 2:

When the application or any software is suggested by someone else, you build a huge wall of trust in that particular application. You can make people consider your work by giving a good face to your brand, for example, Vivo is advertised by Aamir Khan. People usually use things by suggestions and advertisements, this makes them stick to your brand, and hence in this way, you get their attention in a very simple way. A very big example of this is the referral code given to your customers to bring their friends and family on the same page. By this, all your audience would be considered in the middle of the funnel.

Step 3:

The last thing is to make your customers buy things with proper trust and interest. Once they bought the thing from you and liked it then they would be on your permanent customer's list. Here we can add some discounts for the first customers to purchase products more effortlessly.

A Flip of the Funnel

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Step 1:

Identify your regular customers and make them feel special by seeing your website or application. You can make them your prime audience, this will help you to expand it more easily. The expansion basically depends on them only on how much they trust your work and consider it to be preferred to their belongings. You can expand your work exponentially as nowadays there are a lot of socializing things in the market used for marketing.

Step 2:

Engaging your customers all around the internet through popular social applications. Your regular customers can prefer your work on popular applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can add referral codes so that they connect with others more quickly. Engaging also contains things like promo codes, rewards, etc. which further provide coupons by which you can give discounts via other applications, for example sometimes people get discount coupons for books my shows via Amazon shopping. This will make your audience enter in the middle of a flipped funnel.

Step 3:

The last step is loyalty and advocacy, your work should be secure and user-friendly such that people feel pleasure in using it. You can hire experts outside of your company who recommend your brand to their followers. Convenience is the main point for usage as we all know the popular example of Windows and Linux, in which Linux has more features but Windows is more user-friendly and convenient to use. With all these things you have to manage the interests of your audience as well.


Building the best funnel for yourself requires proper market knowledge determination towards work and attention toward customers and their requirements as when your marketing funnel focuses on your customers then eventually your customers will tend to engage with your work.


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