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What is CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is one of many different approaches that allow a company to manage and analyze its own interaction with its own past, current, and potential customers. It is data analytic-based software that provides you with customers' history with a company to improve business relationships with customers, which further focuses on customer retention and drives more sales growth.

> Customer Relationship Management 

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Customer Relationship Management is one of the best ways to manage and analyze, interactions done by your company in its past and present. CRM is based on a very brilliant approach for its results i.e. it compiles your whole communication data which includes the company's website, telephone, email, live chats, social media, and even your marketing materials. Basically, we can say it uses data analysis about customers to improve business relations and make a specific focus on customer retention for ultimate sales growth.


> Types of Customer Relationship Management

> Strategic and Operational

The main key of CRM is concentrated on the improvement of client-driven business culture. Now if we look for the primary goal of the customer relationship management system then it is already in front of our eyes i.e. marketing, integration automated sales, and customer support.

> Analytical and Collaborative

This operation is just understandable by its name, the role of the CRM system used to analyze customer data through all sources available. CRM system uses various data analytical techniques like correlation, pattern recognition, data mining, etc. The main motto is to make a base of customers' buying behavior and make a proper subset of customers accordingly. 

Collaboration is the next primary operation of the customer relationship management system, in this you have to take a look at external workers of your company such as vendors, suppliers, distributors, etc. with which you have to work according to an analysis done for each customer. So that you can provide a way to market products and services to a particular customer in the future.

> Customer Data Platform

It is a computer system used by marketing companies for the data assembling of each and every customer. It gathers all the information of customers from various sources into a single database, with which all the other software can interact.


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